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4 Day Melbourne to Adelaide $840

4 Day Melbourne to Adelaide $840

Family Multi-Day Tour Specialist
Tours Depart Melbourne City

On tour with the Aussie Bloke

Day one- Overnight in Warrnambool or Port Campbell The mighty Southern Ocean will sing us to sleep.
Day Two-Explore the hidden apostles then overnight in the heart of the Grampians National Park.
Day Three- Wake with Kangaroos feeding on the lawn - a unique must do Australian experience.
Day Four-Before arriving in Adelaide we explore limestone caves and uncover the mystery of Blue Lake.

Our Tour Itinerary

4 Day Melbourne to Adelaide Tour

Day One The Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

Morning Tea - Beach Side

Enjoy our Aussie delights with morning tea at an undisclosed beachside location where the Aussie bloke first learned to surf. I can't tell you where it is as all of the other tour companies will discover this spot!

The Grampians Day Tour

Memorial Arch

Just a quick stop at this spot. Take some photos of the Memorial Arch with time to reflect towards those who built the road after hearing the Aussie Blokes unique insight and yarn or two!

Train & Penguins Day Tour

Lorne Seaside Village

The most scenic of the days driving we wind our way alongside the coast and through quaint seaside villages like Lorne. Sometimes we will see the long boarders surfing off of the famous Lorne point.

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

Koala Spotting

There are many opportunities to spot for wild Koalas. We stop at the village of Kennet river where we have time to enjoy a coffee and take a walk looking for wildlife, birds and of course Koala.

The Grampians Day Tour

Apollo Bay

A magnificent horseshoe shaped sweeping bay protected from the wild Southern Ocean swells Apollo Bay is a must stop for any Great Ocean Road journey. It is a great town for lunch with many options and stunning scenery.

Great Ocean Road rain forest

Rain Forest Walk

Step back in time and witness tall trees as we uncover the marvels and secrets that is the Otway National Park.This short walk through our native and unique natural environment is often the highlight for guests!

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

12 Apostles Scenic Lookout

Stand on the Southern edge of Australia and watch the waves pound against the sheer cliff faces of the Port Campbell national park. It's difficult to understand how these gravity defying rock stacks have stood up to the relentless fury of the ocean. How many are left?

The Grampians Day Tour

Loch Ard George

For a different perspective of the Ship wreck coast and to hear an Aussie yarn of wild ocean survival we spend enough time here to explore the area to its fullest. We have time to visit the George, Island Archway and Razorback lookouts. Simply stunning.

Train & Penguins Day Tour

London Bridge

Another unique natural rock formation and stunning coastal vantage point London Bridge holds a special spot in the Aussie blokes heart. No trip to the Great Ocean road is complete without seeing this formation and understanding the fascinating story about its demise.

Day Two Tour Itinerary

The Hidden Apostles

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

Bay of Islands

See the hidden apostles, the Bay of islands coastal park boasts more rock stacks than the 12 apostles lookout. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the great ocean road away from the day trip crowds. We can perch ourselves on the cliff top or often be the first to put footprints on the beach.

The Grampians Day Tour

Whale Watching

Between June and September every year Logans beach in Warrnambool becomes the raising grounds for Southern wright whale calves. The lookout platform provides the perfect place to view these huge creatures of the deep. Outside of whale season we often watch the local surfers ride the Southern Ocean swells.

Train & Penguins Day Tour

Lake Petrobe & Break Wall

Lake Petrobe keeps local families coming back to visit Warrnambool year after year for the huge childrens playground and recreational area. The foreshore and break wall precedent is a great spot to let off energy or simply sit and relax with a drink and take in the views from the pavilion cafe or while walking along the seawall.

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Take the challenge and scale the peak trail walk for stunning views of the coast, reserve and adjacent countryside. (short and steep). Enjoy wildlife spotting and exploring the visitors centre to learn about this extinct volcano reserve. Wild Koala, Kangaroo, Wallaby and Emus all call this state wildlife reserve home.

The Grampians Day Tour

Mount Rouse

Mount Rouse in the heart of South western Victoria offers stunning views of the Grampians mountain range from a distance. It is an old volcano jutting up from the plains. It is an easy walk to the summit for the 360 degree views perched atop this volcano which overshadows the small country hamlet of Penshurst.

The Grampians

Southern Grampians

We drive the Southern Grampians tourist road between the Victoria mountain ranges. Our exploration is flexible depending on the level of activity preferred by the group. We can climb the Pinnacle (summer time only), Mount Wellington, the highest mountain in the Grampians or explore short walks in Halls Gap.

Day Three Tour Itinerary

The Grampians National Park

Breakfast with wildlife

Breakfast Experience

Observe wildlife from our front porch while we enjoy a steaming hot coffee or tea. See boxing Kangaroos vouching for feeding spots, native birds singing and air pure and fresh. Ahh just magic. A real genuine, unique and authentic Australian experience.

The Grampians Day Tour

Spot for Wildlife

There is still a few places in Australia where you can see Kangaroos hopping down the main street - Halls Gap is one of those places. We aim to find wild Kangaroos, Emus and native birds all within the boundary of the township.

Train & Penguins Day Tour

Booroka Lookout

Perched high above the flat northern plains where fields of canola and grain are harvested and inland lakes spot the landscape Booroka lookout offers an entirely new perspective to the Grampians national park and surrounds.

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

The Balconies

See the wilderness fading all of the way to the horizon when standing atop the Balconies lookout. After a short flat well defined walking path we reach a rugged rock outcrop for the ultimate perspective that is the Grampians National Park.

The Grampians Day Tour

McKenzie's Waterfalls

The most scenic and only non-seasonal waterfall in the Grampians national park. No trip is complete without listening to the thundering waterfall as a back drop to our native bird song. McKenzie falls is a must see destination.

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art

Explore our native heritage and wonder at a lifestyle long past where living was an uncomplicated and simple existence. It's hard not to feel moved when gazing upon this ancient rock art painting site easily assessable with a short walk.

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

Fine Chocolate

A real fine chocolate shop where everything is made on the premises with no artificial ingredients, Glenelg fine chocolates is one of those Aussie hidden gems tucked away in regional Victoria far from the well-trodden tourist path! I can never drive past without stopping.

The Grampians Day Tour

Sound and Light Show

In the heart of Mount Gambier, we watch the sound and light show that tells of the aboriginal dream time and the history of the waterfall cave gardens, if we still have energy we can also visit and feed the Possums that live in the local sinkhole.

Regional Dinner SA

Regional SA Dinner

Regional South Australia produces some of the countries freshest and highest quality seafood. With a choice of eastern or western food we choose a typical Aussie pub for a cultural experience, before settling in for the night.

Day Four Tour Itinerary

Mount Gambier Limestone Coast

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

Umpherston Sinkhole

Explore this natural wonder to take in the amazing gardens, colours and significance of this spot by the daylight hours. Standing at the bottom of this decorated sinkhole one cant help but wonder where the next one will appear.

Blue Lake Mt Gambier

Blue Lake

Every year this lake turns cobalt blue in the months of December to March and returns to its steel grey colour outside these dates. It is a mystery why this happens and many scientists have come up with theories. The Blue Lake may be Australias youngest active volcano.

Visit Adelaide

Tantanoola Cave

An impressively decorated limestone cave boasting stalagmites it is a small and easy to access cave. One of many in the region and one of the few still open to the public without the need to go cave diving, a popular pursuit in this area.

Scale Mt Shank Adelaide

Mount Shank

A short and steep climb will reward us with stunning coastal views for miles while we are perched on the edge of this volcanic crater. Its easy to imagine the devastation a volcano like this would create should it erupt again. We stand overlooking the third largest volcanic plain on earth.

things to do Adelaide

Glencoe Shearing Shed

A historic shearing shed from the colonial past built in 1863 by the Leake brothers, the family that introduced the Saxon Merino sheep to this country. We marvel at how life must have been in those colonial days. This is a national trust heritage building in near original condition.

Murry Bridge Adelaide

Murray Bridge

We stop by the shore of the mighty Murray River. A river 2508 km long that runs from the high country and through the desert. It is the largest river in Australia but has dried up in severe drought once. Watch out for the Bunyips while we rest on the shore.

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